Mongol rally is a non competitive motorist event with aim of beneficence: each team must raise at least 1000 pounds to devolve. At least 500 pounds must be donate to, a no profit organization supporting rainforest communities to stop deforestation and climate change;  regarding the other part of the raised amount, each team is free to choose any charity foundation.

“Alboreto is Nothing” choose to support “Fondazione Città della Speranza”, a Pediatric Onco-hematological clinic , where children with cancer desease could enjoy ah happy everyday life.

Today this clinic in one of the most important Italian research centre and is the national reference point for leukemia deseases, lymphomas and  sarcomas.



We could have a vacation in Ibiza instead doing  the Mongol Tally, but…

We could  organize a cake charity sale on Sunday morning, but..

But we think that you are having much more fun following and supporting us in this adventure than eating a piece of cake, or looking at a TV  tearjerker spot!


Remember: each year half million pounds for charity are raised thank to Mongol Rally!


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