Mongol Rally

How about this for a vacation idea? buy a beat-up clunker, then try to make it from England to Mongolia in one piece. There’s no official route, no assistance and and no official rulebook.

YES? So you are ready for Mongol Rally!

The Mongol Rally is an amateur automotive event, not competitive, famous for having just three simple and glorious rules:

Rule 1:  You can only take a farcically small vehicle of 1.2 litre or less or a 125 cc motocylce. Smaller  and tiniest the car is, better the spirit of the adventure!

Rule 2: you are on your own: no setted route, no roadbook, no assistance. Just no.

Rule 3: each team need to raise at least 1000 pund for charity.

The inaugural rally took place in 2004, in which 6 teams started; now thousands of people have driven the so-called “Mongol Rally,” raising money for charity along the way. The starting point or year has been from the Goodwood circuit, but this year it has been moved to Prague, un Czech Republic; the arrival is Ulan Ude, a smiling Russian small city (of course, driving through Ulan Batoor in Mongolia!).

Organizers recommend not to use GPS, google maps and, if possible, not to drive through highways, to get much more contact with locals. Another difference from any traditional rally: no cups or prizes at the arrival: just cold beers and some pats on the back!

Are you ready? Let’s leave for the “greatest adventure of the world”!